Our Methodologies

Vueterras extensive consulting experience assists companies who want to improve their operations output by focusing in on the areas which are causing bottlenecks in the supply chain. The methodologies deployed to streamline the procurement process and ensure that the investment on the stock is not wasted and is always working to maximise profit and service levels.

Data is vital in today’s way of working and helps us make sense of the behaviours and trends of the supply chain. This may not be new for anyone, however, knowing where to look and producing the recommendations to fix and propel clients further is vital to maximising the end product of the supply chain.

Material strategy can be viewed in many ways, however, the concept around managing these groups of the supply chain is vital to the ongoing productivity and operational benefit. By establishing the necessary management policy for each of these groups means the difference between operational outcomes that are balanced to business expectations or mismanagement which promotes risk and unwanted outcomes for operators.

Software is the necessity which enables a business to thrive or just survive. Features are redundant if the software doesn’t provide the interface for humans to receive the appropriate insight and efficiency gains. Powerful ERP solutions are only powerful when they are utilised correctly and contain information that streamlines decision making and operability. Structured data is the resource which ensures that systems and humans are always running as efficiently as possible.

Xtivity Inventory Optimisation and lifecycle management is a suite of solutions integrated with your ERP to help you get better service with less inventory, be more accurate in predicting future stock requirements, and create exceptional supply-chain “visibility”.

Prospecta’s MDO (Master Data Online), helps track and manage data in virtually every aspect of your organisation including from sales through to human resources, finance, maintenance, and procurement.

At Vueterra we are all about optimising your supply chain strategy and data in a meaningful way.

So whether you need to improve your lead time, procure parts faster or improve your customer service and deliverables, we have expertise across a wide array of heavy industries including manufacturing, mining, rail, health, and utilities.

Big Data can help you better automate your assets

Big data and YOU!

But to better understand how we implement big data solutions, first, we’ll tell you why the management of your business supply chain data is so crucial to help rebalance inventory and run an efficient operation.

The bottom line is that data never sleeps – .and in the past two years alone more than 90% of the world’s data has been created.
In fact, while oil was the resource of the day 100 years ago, big data has become the “oil” of today’s digital democracy.

However, many businesses are failing dismally when it comes to managing this global torrent of data, and according to the Harvard Business Review cross-industry studies show that on average, less than half an organisation’s structured data is actively used in making decisions and less than 1% of unstructured data is used at all.

The story is the same here in Australia and quite often Vueterra will see clients with poor unstructured data, generally managed by spreadsheets which fails to provide the information and clarity needed to make successful decisions.

Yet as the volume, veracity, and variety of data increases at an exponential rate, automated data management is what sets companies apart. This is because good data ensures transparency across all your business departments, and creates a single source of “truth”.

Big Data Stats

  • By 2020 there will be more than 50 billion smart connected devices in the world, collecting, analyzing and sharing data – providing enormous competition for your supply chain needs.
  • Global IP traffic will increase threefold from 2019 to 2021
  • Traffic from wireless and mobile devices will account for more than 63% of total IP traffic by 2021, and wired devices just 37% of traffic.
  • Broadband speeds will nearly double from 2017. By 2021, global fixed broadband speeds will reach 53.0 Mbps, up from 27.5 Mbps in 2016.
  • Data scientist jobs are becoming among the highest paying in the world, and data science salaries will enjoy exponential growth in the coming years, due to worldwide demand and massive shortages of data scientists.

Vueterra explains and implements the science of supply chain data…a great value proposition for your company…