Xtivity goes one step further in your supply chain optimisation by monitoring the supply and demand of each line of inventory and calculating specific stocking levels.
This drives a good compromise of invested capital to support your operation and simultaneously removes excessive costs and wastage associated with overstocking.
In one easy-to-use dashboard, the Xtivity tool provides reporting on areas of improvement across the entire chain, ensuring that surplus costs of procured items are cancelled and stock levels always strike the best balance between optimised operational and holding costs.
The software also feeds back recommendations and the reasons to adopt the optimised stocking levels which are updated in your ERP – all in one a single click.
Vueterra frequently finds that many companies fail to appropriately plan for the future by implementing sufficient asset management methodology, which should always include analysing the supply of spares to support operations at every stage of the maintenance lifecycle.
This significantly mitigates the risk of asset downtime and operational loss by making sure all your material stock levels are set correctly and ready to supply when your assets and operations need them most.

A Note on Vueterra’s Performance Data

With an average client reduction of 33% in total inventory, and customer fulfilment improved to 91%, our statistics speak for themselves, and we remove expensive excessive inventory which is hurting the bottom line.

  • Vueterra offers the combined value of People and Specialty Software
  • Vueterra provides operationally focused solutions which mitigate risk and streamline workforce output
  • Vueterra ensures the supply chain is at optimal inventory and materials are provided on time when needed the most.

What your Inventory optimisation journey with Vueterra will look like….

Your inventory optimisation journey with Vueterra will include: 

  • Better performance management, through setting strategic KPIs, identifying emerging trends and focusing on areas for continuous improvement
  • Operational KPIs – ensuring process, control and compliance
  • Drawing up an improvement “road map” for your business which identifies your business case for change
  • An MRO health check to see what’s driving or stopping your performance (eg procurement or purchasing practices)
  • Ongoing performance tracking to ensure target service levels are maintained
  • Structure process improvement to reduce lead times and stocking strategy

We consider inventory performance to be an outcome-driven by best practices, policies and processes across all areas of the business. 

Our assessments can be provided onsite or remotely if required

What Vueterra deliverables will include:

  • Inventory profile and the benefit of inventory optimisation, custom made for your business by our industry experts
  • Greater business collaboration between supply and operational teams
  • Higher service levels of inventory and return on investment at a lower cost
  • Maintenance planning and work order analysis

Would you like assistance with your supply chain data and management? Call us today for a complimentary 30-minute phone consult or in-person consultation where possible to help get your supply issues back on track.  Email: [email protected] or call us on 0400 955 532

Clients come to Vueterra when:  

  • Parts in supply are affecting maintenance activities
  • Critical inventory needs classification or is not adequately defined
  • Inventory scattered across the warehouse 
  • Inventory is obsolete or slow-moving
  • Customers are experiencing delays in receiving goods
  • Warehouses are stocked with inventory that is incorrect

After working with us, our clients report 

  • Significantly improved operating costs
  • Improved visibility of goods
  • Improved accuracy in planning
  • Better maintenance productivity