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We help companies optimise inventory value and increase service levels by closing the gaps in their supply chain.

About us

As with any mining operation parts and labour are what keeps machines running and determines whether you are making or losing money. When parts don't turn up the waste and future risk to the operation is high which leaves maintenance staff concentrating on the supply of parts rather then reliability of assets. 

At Vueterra we build better inventory strategies for mining clients that ensure working capital is providing a high return on investment and maintenance activity is supported with faster parts to get machinery back to work fast.

Parts issues result in a high amount of rescheduling, assets breaking down in the field and work around from maintenance staff - this all costs a huge amount of cash to sustain. Instead of strengthening your balance sheet for shareholders, value is being lost due to high mine site cash costs.

The specialists at Vueterra have significant experience transforming unresponsive inventory into a valuable resource for your operation. We improve the flow of the enterprise by enhancing data, processes and strategy with our consulting expertise and services that will accelerate project timelines.

This all culminates into a supply chain that is sustaining efficient maintenance activity and removing balance sheet risk for your shareholders. 

If your organisation is reporting a worrying trend of late parts or you just don't know? Contact us today for a free 30 minute introductory conversation to give you some perspective on whether you need our help.

Jason Plath

Jeff was fundamental to the setup and management of our inventory system leading to lower maintenance costs and reliable parts delivery.