Testimonials/ What people are saying about our team

Supply Manager, Queensland Health, Aug, 2019

“In 2019 we used Vueterra to train our staff to utilise SAP far more productively when managing hospital goods and the data which ensured goods were on time for critical patient requirements. Although we had the supplies, often they were ‘invisible’ on the system which meant nurses running from the supply room to supply room when stocks were low.
This has completely transformed our stock efficiency as consumption is correct and stock levels are being adjusted accordingly.”

Jordan , Nov, 2018

Jeff is extremely easy to deal with, highly professional and extremely knowledgeable in relation to all Supply Chain related matters. If doesn’t know the answer, he will go to great lengths to find an accurate response.

Darren Mulvenna Supply Chain Modeller – MEI Procurement at Downer , Nov, 2018

Jeff is the right guy that you want on your team if you need MRO expertise. I met Jeff whilst I was delivering Inventory optimisation training and workshops, his expertise was recognised quickly amongst the group as insightful. Jeff’s new venture is a testament to that expertise and I believe him to be a quality consultant that would provide a great outcome for any client.

Teresa Jones – Warehouse Coordinator, Aurizon, November 2018 

Jeff worked as a consultant for the company I worked at. The objective was to roll out serialisation across the company. Jeff held work shops on how we were to use SAP once the project went live. The workshops he held were easy to understand and very effectively. I found Jeff very knowledgeable and very enjoyable to work with. I wish Jeff the best in his future endeavours.

Inventory Cataloguer – Glecore Coal Assets Australia Pty Ltd, February 2017 

2017 saw Jeff and I teamed together as part of a SAP Materials Master Data Cleanse and Data Governance project for a large mining company. Reporting to the Commercial Manager Supply the purpose of our role was as Subject Matter Expert (SME ). The experience and knowledge Jeff brought to this project from his previous roles assisted both myself and ultimately the project’s success. I highly recommend Jeff for all your product and master data management needs.

Matt Shepard, Purchasing Manager, Incitec Pivot Limited, July 2018

The new data is excellent, we have no problems with it, and the team find it easy to get POs.”

Jason Plath, Asset Performance Solutions, Former Maintenance Superintendent, BHP, October 2017

“Jeff was fundamental to the set up and management of our inventory system, leading to lower maintenance costs and reliable parts delivery.