Vueterra started out of frustration. Business consultants were just that, generalists with expertise that offered little value to front-line staff. Jeff Warren set about trying to redefine the client experience, moreover, supplying experience and firsthand knowledge to get better solutions to front-line staff in the supply chain MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operations) industry.

That philosophy is carried on through Vueterra’s expanding portfolio of services of Business Intelligence and ERP improvement & management. Functionality must serve the operation and be simple to operate, complexity ruins effectiveness and creates unnecessary bottlenecks making work harder and less fulfilling for the workforce. The sharing of our collective real-world expertise is what sets Vueterra apart from its peers and helps our clients.

The Vueterra Point of Difference

At Vueterra, it’s about getting a view of your business from the ground - about getting our feet onsite to successfully identify the root cause of problems. We know this is the most efficient way to address your priority issues and provide long-term value to the business with custom services built upon our real-world experience.

Vueterra is a specialist in business and supply chain optimisation with a focus on Mining, Manufacturing and Government Industries.

Our work is proven to deliver higher service levels and lower costs for supply and inventory managers through solid data governance, procurement best-practice and comprehensive continued improvement programs. Vueterra focuses on simultaneously delivering businesses with immediate results and building long term sustainability from our improvement.


Our future roadmap is exciting, albeit the same as our clients and their journey. We are focused on achieving Microsoft Silver & ISO 9001 certifications in 2022 to bring even more value to our client's digital environments.