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High volumes of quotations and expired goods contracts are both key indicators that your procurement knowledge is expired and in urgent need of update.



Our customers are our biggest indicator of procurement success. When feedback is that they don't trust the system or cannot use it effectively, the signs point to data.


On-time Delivery

Excessive time-to-order erodes the supplier's lead time and is caused by obsolete products, incorrect pricing, part numbers, unit of measure issues, and quoting.


Low Searchability

The searchability of materials for customers is paramount. When the information is missing or corrupt, direct charge is their next step and this erodes contract spend and usage analysis.


Commercial Risk

Limited visibility hampers proactive market testing and validation. This lack of agility erodes market intelligence, putting your supply security and shortage mitigation at risk

Previous Projects

The Value Delivered

In 3 months, streamline buying efforts by up to 60% and Improve DIFOT by up to 26%

By digitising your procurement strategy within your ERP, we enable you to harness the full potential of procurement automation. Our solution builds data quality that fosters stronger supplier relationships, and procurement strategy that positively impacts procurement governance, business intelligence, and supplier lead times. Welcome a shift in your operations where end users trust the system, materials arrive on time, and your procurement team proactively safeguards supply security.

Each Commercial Data Update is tailored to each of our clients and focuses on improving up to the top 90% of procurement ERP SKUs.

Take Control of Your Procurement: Trust Vueterra as Your Data Partner

It's time to take control of your data and unlock the untapped potential within your supply chain. Contact Vueterra today to start your journey towards optimised operations, improved decision-making, and enhanced efficiency. Together, we'll navigate the intricacies of your supply chain data, ensuring it aligns with your operational goals and propels your business towards more success.

Our Process


Our experienced consultants work closely with your team to understand your unique business requirements, challenges, and goals. We take the time to listen, ask the right questions, and gain a deep understanding of your supply chain data landscape.

As part of the consulting stage, a Data Diagnostic is completed which examines the health of your procurement and inventory data, pinpointing areas for improvement and optimisation. Discover data gaps, inconsistencies, and inefficiencies that may hold back your operations and impact your business's valuable time and resources.

With our Data Diagnostic, you'll gain a clear understanding of suppliers, efforts, and operating efficiency you should expect from the project.


Vendor data from the diagnosis is shared with suppliers and alternative suppliers to gather up-to-date procurement details. We meticulously analyse and prepare the results, showcasing the actual data gaps that emerge from this collected data.

On average, ERP data contains a staggering 55% error rate when compared with new information received from suppliers. The leading issues are pricing, unidentified and obsolete items, incorrect part numbers, and Unit of Purchase missalignment.


The review of the data assists by helping you to make decisions on future procurement strategies based on the returned data. Supplier lead times, pricing, and project engagement success are all likely indicators used to determine your ideal suppliers and prioritise them for procurement in the future.

These decisions are reflected exactly in the data upload and assist with the system automating procurement so that it is aligned with this strategy.


Data is formatted into upload templates, encompassing the sourcing strategy, refreshed procurement information, Unit of Measurement (UOM), and Contract/Outline Agreement templates.

We harness the power of standard system mass uploads and for SAP, have prebuilt LSMW uploads to seamlessly transfer the new data, enabling the system to promptly initiate automated procurement processes.


A range of services can now be confidently actioned with the new procurement data to guarantee near-perfect automation of requisitions to satisfy future commitments, stock levels, and optimised working capital, reducing surplus and obsolete Inventory.

On average, 12% of the refreshed SKUs are deemed obsolete by suppliers requiring further review and the potential removal from inventory.

The commercial data update comes with a complimentary 3-month subscription to the OnDemand ERP intelligence software to garner additional insights into other levers preventing perfect order creation and on-time delivery.


Our work has demonstrated a remarkable improvement, reducing daily buying efforts from 8 hours to just 3 hours, a significant 60% increase in efficiency. This eliminates the need for chasing quotes, searching for suppliers, expediting purchase orders, and handling change requests. Consequently, your team will have more time available to delight customers and strategically manage suppliers to ensure a secure supply availability at the best price.

Trust Vueterra, the industry leader in SAP supply chain master data, to deliver unparalleled solutions that will empower your organisation to not only survive but thrive in today's ever-evolving business landscape. With our expertise and technology, we ensure that your procurement processes are fueled by accurate and timely data, providing you with a competitive edge and driving your procurement success. Don't let outdated and inaccurate data hinder your progress - unlock the power of Vueterra's solutions and experience the transformative impact on your procurement efficiency, cost savings, and overall business performance.

Contact us today and embark on a journey towards optimised procurement operations and enhanced business outcomes. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of the commercial data landscape and propel your organisation towards a brighter future.



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