Supply Data Discovery

Clarity is the starting point of all great achievements. Without clarity, you are simply wandering aimlessly.

~ Robin Sharma




Is the data working harder to support you or is your team working harder to support the system?



Is the data helping your organisation to govern procurement at scale and do the heavy lifting?



How is the data helping your broader business and procurement strategy and is the plan-to-pay process optimal for your requirements?



Where are data processes breaking down and not covering vital aspects of the end-to-end data environment and system requirements?



How can the data be improved to amplify the value of your new technology and maximise your investment?

The Value Delivered

With Vueterra's supply data discovery process, you gain valuable insights into your data landscape. Our thorough evaluation not only reveals areas for improvement but also provides actionable recommendations to optimise your supply chain data. By aligning your data with your operational goals, you can make more informed decisions, streamline processes, and drive enhanced efficiency throughout your organization.

In today's fast-paced business landscape, the effectiveness of your supply chain data can make or break your delivery to operational teams. At Vueterra, we specialise in helping organisations gain clarity on the strength across their SAP data profile through comprehensive supply chain analysis. Our expertise enables you to assess the current state of your data, identify any gaps, inconsistencies, or inefficiencies, and unlock opportunities for optimisation.

Take Control of Your Success: Trust Vueterra as Your Data Partner

Trust Vueterra to be your partner in harnessing the power of your supply chain data. Our team of experts understands the critical role that data plays in driving business success. We are dedicated to providing you with the insights and expertise you need to maximize the potential of your supply chain data and achieve tangible results.

Unlock the Potential: Contact Vueterra Today

It's time to take control of your data and unlock the untapped potential within your supply chain. Contact Vueterra today to start your journey towards optimized operations, improved decision-making, and enhanced efficiency. Together, we'll navigate the intricacies of your supply chain data, ensuring it aligns with your operational goals and propels your business towards greater success.


Our experienced consultants work closely with your team to understand your unique business requirements, challenges, and goals. We take the time to listen, ask the right questions, and gain a deep understanding of your supply chain data landscape.

During the consultation phase, we conduct in-depth discussions and gather relevant information to develop a tailored approach for your data discovery journey. We leverage our industry expertise and proven methodologies to guide you through the process, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your supply chain data.

Our collaborative approach fosters open communication, allowing us to address any concerns, provide expert guidance, and align our strategies with your specific objectives. Together, we navigate the complexities of your data, uncovering valuable insights and opportunities for improvement.


Vueterra offers flexible options to access and analyse your supply chain data. We understand that each organisation has its own systems and preferences, which is why we provide two convenient approaches.

Firstly, we can establish a direct connection to your SAP system, enabling us to retrieve the relevant data in real-time. This direct integration ensures accurate and up-to-date information for our analysis, allowing us to provide you with precise insights and actionable recommendations.

Alternatively, if direct SAP integration is not feasible or preferred, we can work with you to receive a secure download of the required table data. You can provide us with the necessary data files, and our expert team will perform a thorough analysis to uncover valuable insights.

Regardless of the method chosen, we ensure the highest standards of data security and confidentiality. Our team of specialists is experienced in handling sensitive information, and we strictly adhere to data privacy regulations.


Vueterra dives deep into your SAP records to assess their quality, alignment, and overall effectiveness. Our team of experts meticulously examines each data element, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and consistency.

We understand that the success of your supply chain relies on reliable and well-organised data. That's why we focus on building the right profile for your organisation, which stems from the valuable insights gathered during the consultation phase. By aligning our analysis with your specific requirements, we ensure that our data review process is tailored to your unique business needs.

During the data review, we carefully evaluate key aspects such as vendor records, supplier information, material master data, procurement records, pricing details, sourcing rankings and manufacturer information. Our aim is to identify any gaps, inconsistencies, or data issues that may hinder your operational efficiency or decision-making capabilities.

Through our comprehensive analysis, we bring clarity to your supply chain data, uncovering valuable insights that can drive significant improvements.


We provide a clear and concise summary of our findings, highlighting key areas of improvement and uncovering actionable insights that can drive optimal performance. We present the data in a user-friendly format, making it easy for you to understand and act upon the recommendations.

With Vueterra's data discovery report, you gain valuable visibility into the strengths and weaknesses of your supply chain data and whether it is supporting your procurement strategy. Armed with these insights, you can make informed decisions, implement targeted improvements, and optimise your supply chain operations for better outcomes.

Our commitment to data quality and actionable recommendations sets us apart. We provide you with a roadmap for data enhancement, outlining specific steps to address identified issues and maximise the value of your supply chain data.


With Vueterra's data discovery service, you unlock the untapped potential of your supply chain data and pave the way for maximising the result of your procurement strategy and gaining clarity of the gaps preventing effective business intelligence reporting.

Our comprehensive analysis and actionable insights empower you to address data gaps, inconsistencies, and inefficiencies, ensuring your supply chain operates at its full potential. By following the recommendations and optimising your data, you gain a competitive edge, reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and drive better outcomes for your organisation. Trust Vueterra to be your partner in data excellence, guiding you towards a data-driven future. Contact us today to embark on the journey of maximising the value of your supply chain data and unlocking new opportunities for success.



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